The Aeropress works on similar plunge principles to the French Press, however rather than a wire or nylon mesh filter, the AeroPress uses disposable paper filters to remove most of the coffee solids. The AeroPress has quickly risen to a cult following and well earned reputation for producing an excellent brew with clean flavours and great body. We prefer to use the inverted method. 



Coffee should be a fine-medium grind, somewhere in between an espresso fine grind and french press courser grind. Weigh out 15g of coffee, 15g is approximately one packed and leveled AeroPress scoop.

Step 2

Fill the kettle with filtered water, turn kettle on to boil. We recommend the brew water to be around 93C - 95C (not long off the boil) so let the water boil and stand whilst you prepare the other steps before pouring.

Step 3

Stand the AeroPress so the filter is upright or inverted. Set the rubber plunger on the 4 mark, this will hold approximately 240ml of water. 

Step 4

Unscrew the filter holder. Moisten a filter paper with boiling water and place
inside the filter holder. Wetting the filter paper will ensure no papery taste in your brew. Rinse the brewing chamber with boiling water, if the plastic is cold it will suck all the warmth from the brewing water. 

Step 5

Pre heat your cup with some boiling water.

Step 6

Pour out the water used to pre heat the AeroPress chamber. Drop the measured amount of ground coffee directly onto the rubber plunger. Pour the hot water over the grinds using the stream of water to saturate the grinds as you pour until the chamber is almost full. Leave approximately 1 cm from the top of the chamber. Give the grinds and water a thorough stir to ensure the coffee bloom is fully saturated.

Step 7

Take the filter paper chamber and twist into position and set brew timer for 2 minutes.

Step 8

Pour out preheating water from your cup. Once the timer reaches 2 minutes, immediately and carefully turn AeroPress right way up with the filter at the bottom over your pre heated cup. 

Step 9

Plunge by pressing down with a firm but controlled pressure until the chamber is nearly empty; approximately half a centimetre from the bottom. Enjoy black, over some warmed milk or on cold milk over ice for a refreshing treat. 


The possibilities are endless. Experiment with the grind size, grammage, brew time and water temperature.