Our dear friend, (Nonna) Rosa still favours this brewing method for its heavy body and rich syrupy flavours, similar to espresso. We have taken this traditional italian home brewing method and tweaked it a little.  



Start with a clean and dry moka pot. Inspect the pot closely to ensure no old coffee oils or dust are present as this will taint the flavours.

Step 2

Using filtered water, fill kettle and turn on to boil. We recommend the brew water to be around 93C - 95C (not long off the boil).

Step 3

Fill the base of the chamber to just below the valve. Water must always be filled to the capacity of the pot, under filling will just produce an inferior cup. Buy the correct size moka pot for your needs.

Step 4

Use a medium to fine grind. The quantity of ground coffee needed will vary on the size of your moka pot. Take the basket and fill, giving a few taps along the way to settle the coffee. 

Step 5

Level the coffee with your finger or spatula. The result should be a full, flat and evenly distributed basket of coffee. Clean any coffee grinds from around the rim. Gently insert basket into the chamber. 

Step 6

Carefully screw the top of the moka pot to the base, remember the bottom chamber contains hot water so it's a good idea to use a dry towel or oven mitts for this step. 

Step 7

Place moka pot on the stovetop using a medium heat. If you are using an electric stovetop it might be a good idea to have it turned on earlier (as we all know how long these take to heat up) if using gas, be careful the flame height is not too high as it can burn the handle of the moka pot.

Step 8

Keep your eyes and ears close by. When you see the coffee flowing from the stem, and you hear the gurgling noise, it is time to remove your moka pot from the heat. 

Step 9

Using a wet cold cloth, rub the base of the moka pot in a circular motion. This process enables the excess water in the base of the chamber to cool quickly, stopping the coffee from brewing any further. This will produce a less bitter and astringent cup. 

Step 10

Pour and serve. Try adding some warm milk if you fancy a cafe latte. Best enjoyed listening to opera and nibbling on a biscotti.