Meet Our Stockist: Cottonwood Cafe


Meet Our Stockist: Cottonwood Cafe

Today we are chatting with Rose, owner of Cottonwood Cafe in Springfield, Black Sheep stockist, mother of two, award winning chef and junk food lover!

Rose, can you tell us a little bit about yourself and Cottonwood Cafe? 

I'm a mother of a beautiful little girl and boy and have three running cafes - Cottonwood is number 3.

How did you end up owning your stunning Cottonwood Cafe? Where did the inspiration come from?

 I was approached by Lendlease who were developing the area to open up a coffee kiosk as part of their display village - which is the biggest in Queensland. I was stoked to be approached and presented the opportunity and also excited as I have a secret passion for building and design. With the location being in the heart of the display village I felt it was an opportunity to let my love for the little details show. I did the fit out myself with my builder mate and did the best with could with the space and budget available (what was left after pimping out the coffee equipment anyway). 

coffee 3.PNG

Go-to coffee order? It’s ok we won’t judge you…

Soy mocha with half chocolate ... yes I'm one of those customers

Favourite drink to prepare?

The good ol' Flat white

coffee 2.PNG

What do you love about BlackSheep Coffee?

Obviously the people behind it are what actually make it - Mark and Katie have been amazing and so hands on from the beginning. Their passion is contagious and their team are also a great credit to them.  I think consistency and quality is key and these guys are keeping me happy. 

Work/Life Balance How do you do it all?

I don't know how - but it's happening ... Three cafes, two kids - a lot of people think it must be really hard ... but it's not. I could easily have more time off and go on adventurous holidays, but I like being hands on - and when the time is right, I'll book that holiday. I still find time for myself everyday as well as do my best parenting and keeping a close relationship with my team. 

Being a retired chef, I've had my fair share of 15 hour days, split shifts, back to backs, working on special occasions. So early morning cafe life is easy to embrace - I traded in working nights when I became a mum and it's been nice. I think it's about making the most of your time - but also allowing yourself to do absolutely nothing or whatever it is you need to recharge. I'm not perfect, as they say the grass is always greener on the other side - I get a lot of comments that people would love my life  - but your life is what you make it, if you fill it with things you like to do, and spend it with those you want to, then life would be good .. right? I'm still learning everyday, but while I have a 4 and 6 year old, I think my mind is mainly in mummy mode, I hope to grow my career when they get a little older.

For now, Cottonwood is you'll find me, I work there 6 days a week - as well as full-time mum ... it's hard work, but it's fulfilling. My work day ends when I pick the kids up and then I have the whole rest of the day to enjoy their company.

Cottonwood Cafe.jpg

Earliest Memory of Coffee? 

Being in awe of my dads famous Vietnamese Iced coffee, the recipe was passed down to him from his mum - and I'm happy to say, he's passed it on to his kids.

What should people order when they come to Cottonwood Cafe? 

A Cottonwood Coldpress coffee - it's so clean and refreshing.

Something your customers don't know about you? *We promise not to hold it against you. 

Hmmmm ... what’s safe to put out there in the universe ... I'm not really 21? Maybe they already know that ... Most people are surprised to learn that I'm a gold medal winning chef but that was a long time ago, you're only as good as the last dish you made - which was spaghetti bolognese.

Ok .. I'm a couch potato, love my junk food and lots of it.


Thank you so much for chatting with us today Rose, we loved getting to know you and will see you soon for a flat white at Cottonwood Cafe.

Cottonwood Cafe | 84 Russel Luhrs Way, Springfield Central | Instagram


O Christmas Tees


O Christmas Tees

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for so many of us; a time for tinsel, Mariah Carey, gingerbread, giving presents, family, Christmas Spirit and ugly Christmas jumpers… Well except there are no the ugly Christmas jumpers here in Brisbane because it is too darn hot and we don’t have any snow. Enter the Christmas Tee; Brisbane’s answer to Christmassy knitted sweaters.

Our amazing manager Renee or NayNay as the cool kids to call her; is serving your daily coffee brew with a side of serious Christmas Spirit this year in the roastery. No bah humbugs at Black Sheep! Each day for the entire month of December, Renee will be sporting a different Christmas Tee to bring festive happiness to everyone; more Christmassy, bright, glittery, colourful tees than you can imagine.

Renee, what made you decide to do the O-Christmas Tee challenge? 

I did it a couple of years ago just for fun as I thought it would add some Christmas cheer and fun into the roastery and it did. People were excited about the tees and came in everyday to see what shirt I was wearing. This year I had a customer ask me to do it again and I was like absolutely, but I thought why not raise some money for a local charity and still have fun doing it!

Where did you get your collection of your O Christmas Tees from?

I have brought the tees online, from opshops, some from Kmart, Best and Less and Big W. I have also been given a few and lent a few which I have worn them all with pride ha ha. This year I have also got my children, Raphie and Andie to make me one each which was a glitter explosion 💥

Christmas is also a difficult time for some Australians, and it is a time to remember those who are less fortunate than us; those who find themselves in difficult situations, without shelter, food and safety. This year, Renee is using her daily O Christmas Tees raise money and awareness for Zig Zag - a local charity. Based in the neighbouring suburb of Camp Hill, Zig Zag is a women’s resource centre providing specialist counselling services for young women who have experienced sexual assault and violence. Zig Zag also provide medium term accommodation support for young women aged 16 - 25 years who are experiencing homelessness and/or at risk of homelessness. Zig Zag provides support for young, vulnerable and at risk women in our community.

“Zig Zag primarily work in supporting young women managing significant financial disadvantage including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women; young women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; young parenting women; young parenting women who have children with disabilities; young women who have been sleeping rough or forced to stay in overcrowded and/or unsafe environments; young women with high medical expenses as a result of experiencing homelessness and family violence; young women who have experienced sexual violence; and young women who have no access to income support here in Australia.”

All donations raised by Black Sheep will go directly to Zig Zag; providing much needed food and phone credit vouchers for young women and their children who are at risk of / or and experiencing homelessness. This relief would enable young women to purchase essential items such as food, nappies and children’s items and also enable them to contact family and support services over the Christmas period.

For more information visit: or Facebook page: 

All of the tips collected for the month of December at Black Sheep will be donated to the Zig Zag.

Make sure you head into Black Sheep this December to see what O Christmas Tee NayNay will be wearing and support the local charity Zig Zag. Oh and while you there be sure to grab a brew or a bag of beans of our Woolly Wonderland blend; tasting of stone fruit, cherries, candied orange and warm brandy… the perfect Christmassy blend.

P.S. Stay up to date with Renee’s O Christmas Tees over on Instagram @o_christmas_tees.



Meet out staff: Mei


Meet out staff: Mei

Mei, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

Hi my name is Mei or as my boss lady (Katie) sometimes like to call me Mei-Lin.

I am the lady who often loves to cuddle or wave to our customer’s kids. I’m a totally sucker for a baby even I have two young children myself; I still love to cuddle everyone else’s babies.

What do you do at Black Sheep?

I generally work on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday at Roastery and Saturday or Sunday at Rocklea depends on our lovely boss. I often do a lot of the retail side; that involves bagging up all the retail bags for our Rocklea on Saturday and Sunday, restocking up all the retail shelves, glueing up the labels and getting all the retail bags ready for the next week.

I also serve the customers and making few coffees here and there.

Describe what’s a typical day at Black Sheep like for you?

Ummm, a typical day at Black Sheep includes a lot of laughs, catch ups, silly faces, babies and cuddling but of course most of all making some yummy coffee.

What do you love most about working at Black Sheep?

My bosses and the staff. We are all work together like a big family. Everyone who works at Black Sheep makes the place, it’s such a fun and enjoyable place to work.

Go-to coffee order?

Piccolo used to my go-to order but my manager Renee (or as all the kids call her Nay Nay) slowly convert into Flat White.

Do you have a favourite type of drink to prepare?

Latte. Just love the difference between the head and the coffee.

What would we find you doing when you’re not at work?

Dropping off my 5 ½ boy to school then strolling through my local shopping centre with my 2 ½ girl. Both of them surely keep my not working days very busy.

Work/Life balance how do you do it all?

People might feel stressed out at work but for me Black Sheep Is my go-to Zen place. I come to work to have my inner peace then I go home to tackle all the craziness created by my 2 beautiful children :) 

Earliest memory of coffee?

The Mt. Everest Cappuccino which was a cappuccino with HUGE amount of froth.

Proudest achievement in your life this far?

Married with my lovely husband and have two beautiful children

Something your customers might not know about you? *We promise not to hold this against you.

Sorry this might gross a lot of people out. But being an Asian and growing up back home in Taiwan, I really love chicken feet especially at Yum – Cha it is one of my go-to dishes. 







Here at Black Sheep Coffee it is no secret that we love our furry friends. This year we are again getting behind the RSPCA CupCake Day and showing our support for all creatures great and small!

This Sunday 19th August and Monday 20th August at the Roastery in Woolloongabba we will be serving up delicious human and animal treats to raise much needed funds and awareness of the incredible work of the RSPCA.

Every single year the RSPCA helps more then 135,000 stray, sized and surrender animals and we hope to help raise some money to support this cause. 

Cupcake Day is a sweet* opportunity to raise awareness and money for the animals in need.  *Pun intended.  All the money raised from Cupcake Day will go directly to the RSPCA towards helping the abandoned and neglected animals. That is something we can get behind! 

So fellow animal lovers... what are you waiting for? Show your support this week at Black Sheep Coffee by donating to the RSPCA Cupcake Day and enjoying our made-with-love treats. 

Don’t forget to show us your cupcake and coffee combo and help spread awareness by sharing a photo and tagging @blacksheepcoffeebrisbane and hashtagging #RSPCABakeAChange. 


Head to the RSPCA website for more information on Cupcake Day.. 

Photography by Sam Riley 


We Heart Butterbing


We Heart Butterbing

Is there anything greater than a thick, oozy layer of buttercream ganache smooched between two layers of a dark chocolate brownie cookie? We think not. Enter the Butterbing Cookie Sandwich. 

Black Sheep has all the heart eyes in the world for the not-so-humble Butterbing. Seriously we heart Butterbing. 

The Butterbing is the perfect accompaniment to your morning Black Sheep Coffee; with a balance of sweet goodness and a touch of savoury salt. The Butterbing Cookie Sandwich gets a 10 / 10 satisfaction rating! Trust us once you sink your lips around a Butterbing you will be head-over-heels-in-love singing 'Butterbing Butterboom.'

Hailing from Dandenong in Victoria, these Butterbings have a cult following in Melbourne and now they are available at our roastery and cafe here in Woolloongabba.  The Butterbing Cookie Sandwich is incredibly moorish leaving you wanting more, yet satisfying at the same time. It must have something to do with the size of them... not for the faint hearted! Imagine the love child of a macaroon and a chocolate brownie and that sums up the deliciousness of the Butterbing. 

Flavours vary weekly, however may include Vanilla Bean, Banoffee, Cookies and Cream, Salted Caramel, Snickers, Nutella & Mint. So what are you waiting for? Add a sneaky Butterbing to your next coffee order and you can thank us later. 




Adults Only Banana Bread

Is there a more iconic and delicious match than a cup of coffee and a piece of warm banana bread? It's such a classic combination, loved by many and certainly a favourite in my tribe. 

I've been experiementing with combining my love of coffee with my love for cooking. Would it possibly work to actually put coffee into the banana bread? Could it work? Well the answer is yes, it works, it is delicious and the best part is I don't need to share it with my kids; because giving young children caffeine isn't a good idea. Said every sleep deprived parent ever. 

So here I give you an adults only banana bread. Perfect for most parents (lets be honest none of us sleep & need all the caffeine we can get), co-workers on a Monday, or for a little afternoon pick me up. A delicious treat with a subtle Black Sheep coffee hit.  

See REALLY black/brown bananas. I only had two but I recommend using three for that extra banana taste. 

See REALLY black/brown bananas. I only had two but I recommend using three for that extra banana taste. 

What you need: 

  • Three overripe bananas (the browner /blacker the better)
  • 350 g Plain flour or wholemeal plain flour
  • Three eggs
  • 150 grams of butter
  • 150 grams of raw sugar or caster sugar 
  • Bicarb Soda
  • Salt
  • 90ml BlackSheep Coffee 
  • Tablespoon natural yogurt
  • Splash of milk 

What to do: 

If using raw sugar, mix the hot coffee with the sugar, so the sugar dissolves. 

Beat the butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla together and slowly add the coffee sugar mixture. Add in yogurt and a splash of milk if mixture seems to thick. 

Add flour, salt, bicarb and gentle fold mixture together. 

Pour into prepared backing tray and bake for 40-45mins until your house smells like divine banana bread and coffee. You can also check if the adults only banana bread is cooked by sticking a knife into the middle. 

Best enjoyed straight out of the oven with a thick layer of butter and a side of our favourite coffee. 



Once you go black...


Once you go black...

Ordering an espresso might seem a bit hardcore first up in the morning, but for those of use who can't tolerate lots of milk or perhaps are just diehard espresso lovers... once you go a black coffee you can never go back.

Whether you're thinking about cutting down your dairy intake or are a bit over ordering the same double shot flat white; a black coffee might be the way to go. Get yourself out of your coffee rut, try something new and say black please! 

Who knew there were so many different ways to have your coffee black? We've got you covered with some of our favourite ways to experience a black brew.


Long Black - double shot of espresso over hot water. Perfect for those who like to slowly sip their coffee away, perhaps whilst flicking through the newspaper. 

Long macchiato - a double espresso, a little bit of hot water, stained with steamed milk. Whilst not exactly a fully black brew, this might be the way to go if you want to ease into the black coffee drinking. 

Doppio/espresso - not for the faint hearted! Single or double espresso served straight up. Think of it as the scotch on the rocks equivalent in the coffee world. Also a little fun fact if you are lucky enough to be travelling to Europe this year... you can save some serious Euros, if you order and drink your espresso standing at the bar instead sitting at a table. #winning

Short macchiato - single espresso, stained w steamed milk. A short macchiato is like the little sister of the espresso. Perhaps you find the all black espresso a bit too in your face? Well try ordering a short mac instead; you'll be pleasantly surprised! It has the intensity of an espresso but it's a little bit more soft with the addition of the tiniest bit of milk. 

Batch brew - made in our Ratio brewer. A batch made filter drip coffee is made, using our rotating single origin. A batch brew is basically lighter version of a long black. Just quietly is might be the best thing you will ever drink. 

V60 pourover - is a hand made drip filter coffee made in a conical brewer. The pourover really highlights the flavour notes of the single origin. A pourover takes time to make, it's a fine craft & so it is best experienced while sitting in the sun watching the day pass you by. 


aka basically any of the above served over ice. Perfect for those hot Brissie days where you require a cold and refreshing pick-me-up. 

Chilled batch brew - as above but cooled down and served over ice. 
Iced long black - double espresso served over iced water. 
Iced doppio - double espresso served over iced water. 

So what are you waiting for? 



Meet our staff: Katie Daley


Meet our staff: Katie Daley

Katie Daley is a silent superhero at Black Sheep. A total #girlboss superhero; you know, one of those behind-the-scenes-make-stuff-happen-type superheroes? She inspires those around her to basically be a better person with her happy-go-lucky mentality.


Meet our staff: Genevieve Ash


Meet our staff: Genevieve Ash

Genevieve is our resident dog cuddler, and when she isn’t fixing our IT issues/printer problems/software meltdowns, you’ll find her behind the bar, brewing the amazing coffee we know and love at Black Sheep. Despite studying, working, and patting dogs (sometimes at the same time), Gen constantly impresses us with the passion she brings to the roastery. 


The story behind Feeling Woolly

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The story behind Feeling Woolly

Today, our house blend and all-round favourite, Feeling Woolly, is a 5-bean blend, with smooth, lingering notes of dark chocolate, honey and malt. 

But back when Black Sheep was a single, stainless steel cart at the Rocklea Markets, Mark was working hard to come up with the perfect blend...

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