Here at Black Sheep, we’re all about the details. (Did you catch our recent post highlighting our charred walls?) This time around, we wanted to give you the story behind our gorgeous mugs and plates.

When planning for the Roastery, Katie knew she wanted to feature a local ceramicist. It was important for her to make sure the handmade feel was across multiple aspects of the business.

“I really wanted to evoke that feeling of quality and artistry. With Mark and I being makers, it was very important to us that our passion was translated across the whole business, not just the coffee,” she says.

“What’s nice is that other makers appreciate the effort that goes into the details. Because I tell you what, our accountant thought I was nuts when I was spending so much on plates!”


Our plates are from the Ebb Tide collection, hand-thrown by a woman on the Sunshine Coast. Her name is Kim Wallace and this particular range is inspired by her move from the City to the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. It’s raw and organic and draws on colours and patterns from nature.

The plates are Australian stoneware clay and each piece is cut, shaped and coloured by hand. No two pieces are the same.

Kim uses a style called raku. It’s a Japanese technique and while the pieces feel fragile, they’re actually really hardy.


Our cups (called beakers) are from Aleph in Melbourne. Katie found the maker after spying her fabulous ‘leggy pots’ in an issue of Frankie magazine.

(Fun fact: the high-shelf in our bathroom was designed specifically to house some of Aleph’s leggy pots.)

Like our plates, each of our cups is handmade and unique, so no two are the same. And our small beakers were custom made, just for Black Sheep. They’re not available for sale anywhere else.

You might have noticed how your fingers fit perfectly into the grooves of the hand-thrown clay. Those finger indentations were the “big seller” for Katie.

“The relationship of the cup and then the contents of the cup,” she says, “being able to caress it. It comes back to the fact we are two tactile, kinetic people. It’s all about touch for us.”