Genevieve is our resident dog cuddler, and when she isn’t fixing our IT issues/printer problems/software meltdowns, you’ll find her behind the bar, brewing the amazing coffee we know and love at Black Sheep. Despite studying, working, and patting dogs (sometimes at the same time), Gen constantly impresses us with the passion she brings to the roastery. 

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Genevieve, or Gen because I couldn’t spell that till I was probably 10. I’m the one stirring the customers up before they’ve had their morning coffee… and I’m on my third. Other than that, I make your coffee, study engineering, and like to walk up and down mountains!

What do you do at Black Sheep?

Honestly, mostly roll on the floor with customer’s dogs and dish out banter. Occasionally I make a coffee or two. But mostly the dogs. Don’t tell Mark and Katie.

How did you come to work at Black Sheep?

I lived quite literally down the street for four months before I actually found the place. I could smell the roasting from my house and walked about the neighbourhood until I found them. After a few weeks of constant patronage, I was offered the opportunity to make my way behind the counter and into the family. Save for a brief stint living in New Zealand, I haven’t left since!

What does a typical day at Black Sheep look like for you?

Once again, mostly patting dogs and chatting with our hilarious regulars. Every day is different though. Sometimes we’re hauling giant sacks of green beans around, other days I won’t step foot away from the espresso machine. The one consistent thing I can think of is a good time. It might sound cliché, but I honestly can’t remember a day I left work in a bad mood.

What do you love most about working at Black Sheep? 

Probably the sense of community? The staff, Mark and Katie, and the customers — we’re a gang. We should definitely get matching jackets and a theme song. I love the sense of family and getting to build relationships with customers who I never would have met if not for Black Sheep.

What’s your go-to coffee order?

Batch brew or a flat white, depending on the time of day. Pour over if the café is quiet and there’s a particular coffee I’d like to try.

And what about your favourite style of roast/bean?

Ooh! This is tough. It depends on what drink I’m having and what coffee we have on the bar! I’m a sucker for a good Ethiopian or Kenyan. They generally have lovely sweet fruity notes to them and I have a raging sweet tooth. Can’t go past our Feeling Woolly blend for a flat white though.

Do you have a favourite type of drink to prepare?

Probably V60s at work, or a Kalita Wave, though you might not know it. They take time, which means it’s tough when we’re busy, but I love the process. It’s so calming and beautiful and produces such a clean cup – wow, what a nerd.

What would we find you doing when you’re not at work?

Staring at a computer in my lab at university, without a doubt. I study software engineering, which is awesome and I love it, but my eyes hurt a lot haha.

What’s one of your earliest memories of coffee?

Ohhh yeap. My humble origin is working at Gloria Jeans at the age of 13. Getting a small double shot caramel latte on my way to school. I started young.

What’s an achievement you’re most proud of?

Aw man! The others got to say their kids… I’m 23. I’m just proud of keeping my house clean and remembering to put the bins out. And also getting to have Renee in my life. Come back to me once I graduate!

What’s something your customers might not know about you?

That I’ll dog sit for them any time.