Want to know the secret behind our gorgeous black walls at the roastery?

You might think they’ve been painted or stained but the truth is, the wood is cedar that Mark charred, by hand.

While the process smells divine, it can be a little confronting if you don’t know what’s going on.

Katie laughs when she remembers the neighbours’ reactions when she and Mark first moved in to the industrial space. (You can read more about that here.)

“Our neighbours had no idea who was moving in. Someone had rented the space really quickly but it then laid dormant,” she says. “And then all of a sudden this young family were here, setting fire to timber. You could see them all questioning, ‘who are these people that just came in and they’re demolishing and setting fire to everything?’”

But once they discovered Mark and Katie were coffee roasters, they came around pretty quickly.

The charring is a technique used in Japan and also in English agricultural buildings that makes them naturally vermin-proof. There’s no need to paint the wood or do anything else to it. The timber’s natural oils come out once it’s been heated and protect it.

Now you know, why not take a closer look next time you stop by.