After such a great response to our Green Credentials post last month, we thought we’d tell you a little more about where your coffee (and other organic waste) goes.

Quick recap: We’ve been working with Jessica Lindsay at Mallow Sustainability since the end of 2016. Twice a week, Jess collects our organic waste — things like coffee grinds, paper cups, food waste, and napkins. That’s all taken to her farm out at Mt Crosby where it’s composted and worm-farmed.


And what’s really cool is she grows organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables using that compost and then sells them to restaurants and cafes.

This is what Jess says about the process:

“We use the compost we produce in our farming operations, allowing the nutrients from the organic waste to be returned to the soil rather than being sent to landfill and wasted. This has many benefits to our customers, the environment and the community, such as reducing waste to landfill, reduced costs, combating climate change, improving soil health and supplying local, organic food back to the community.”

Since we don’t cook our own food here, we don’t have the opportunity to buy back from Jess. But she sells to other businesses in the Brisbane area and then collects their waste, which then goes back to the farm to grow more produce.

Image source: Mallow Sustainability

Image source: Mallow Sustainability

It’s a really gorgeous cycle.

On average, we’re sending 460 litres or 230kg a month to Jess’s farm. And this year we’ve redirected 4,940 litres or 2,470kg that would have gone to landfill.

Now you might be thinking, ‘well, it’s landfill, it’s going to break down,’ right? Actually, no. As Jess explained to us, it doesn’t break down. Because it’s so toxic and trapped in all the plastic layers, it can’t.

That was the most unbelievable eye-opener for us.

So now we send Jess everything we can! From the chaff (the skin that comes from the beans) during the roasting process, to the spent grinds after we freshly brew your coffee.


And Jess has even started a green wall for us. It’s out behind the Roastery. When the back door’s open, you can pop your head around and see it. We’ve reused and repurposed pots that we had lying around and Jess has grown little seedlings on the farm and brought them in for us. Take a look next time you’re in. And don’t forget to bring your reusable cup!