It’s the most wonderful time of the year for so many of us; a time for tinsel, Mariah Carey, gingerbread, giving presents, family, Christmas Spirit and ugly Christmas jumpers… Well except there are no the ugly Christmas jumpers here in Brisbane because it is too darn hot and we don’t have any snow. Enter the Christmas Tee; Brisbane’s answer to Christmassy knitted sweaters.

Our amazing manager Renee or NayNay as the cool kids to call her; is serving your daily coffee brew with a side of serious Christmas Spirit this year in the roastery. No bah humbugs at Black Sheep! Each day for the entire month of December, Renee will be sporting a different Christmas Tee to bring festive happiness to everyone; more Christmassy, bright, glittery, colourful tees than you can imagine.

Renee, what made you decide to do the O-Christmas Tee challenge? 

I did it a couple of years ago just for fun as I thought it would add some Christmas cheer and fun into the roastery and it did. People were excited about the tees and came in everyday to see what shirt I was wearing. This year I had a customer ask me to do it again and I was like absolutely, but I thought why not raise some money for a local charity and still have fun doing it!

Where did you get your collection of your O Christmas Tees from?

I have brought the tees online, from opshops, some from Kmart, Best and Less and Big W. I have also been given a few and lent a few which I have worn them all with pride ha ha. This year I have also got my children, Raphie and Andie to make me one each which was a glitter explosion 💥

Christmas is also a difficult time for some Australians, and it is a time to remember those who are less fortunate than us; those who find themselves in difficult situations, without shelter, food and safety. This year, Renee is using her daily O Christmas Tees raise money and awareness for Zig Zag - a local charity. Based in the neighbouring suburb of Camp Hill, Zig Zag is a women’s resource centre providing specialist counselling services for young women who have experienced sexual assault and violence. Zig Zag also provide medium term accommodation support for young women aged 16 - 25 years who are experiencing homelessness and/or at risk of homelessness. Zig Zag provides support for young, vulnerable and at risk women in our community.

“Zig Zag primarily work in supporting young women managing significant financial disadvantage including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander young women; young women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; young parenting women; young parenting women who have children with disabilities; young women who have been sleeping rough or forced to stay in overcrowded and/or unsafe environments; young women with high medical expenses as a result of experiencing homelessness and family violence; young women who have experienced sexual violence; and young women who have no access to income support here in Australia.”

All donations raised by Black Sheep will go directly to Zig Zag; providing much needed food and phone credit vouchers for young women and their children who are at risk of / or and experiencing homelessness. This relief would enable young women to purchase essential items such as food, nappies and children’s items and also enable them to contact family and support services over the Christmas period.

For more information visit: or Facebook page: 

All of the tips collected for the month of December at Black Sheep will be donated to the Zig Zag.

Make sure you head into Black Sheep this December to see what O Christmas Tee NayNay will be wearing and support the local charity Zig Zag. Oh and while you there be sure to grab a brew or a bag of beans of our Woolly Wonderland blend; tasting of stone fruit, cherries, candied orange and warm brandy… the perfect Christmassy blend.

P.S. Stay up to date with Renee’s O Christmas Tees over on Instagram @o_christmas_tees.