Ordering an espresso might seem a bit hardcore first up in the morning, but for those of use who can't tolerate lots of milk or perhaps are just diehard espresso lovers... once you go a black coffee you can never go back.

Whether you're thinking about cutting down your dairy intake or are a bit over ordering the same double shot flat white; a black coffee might be the way to go. Get yourself out of your coffee rut, try something new and say black please! 

Who knew there were so many different ways to have your coffee black? We've got you covered with some of our favourite ways to experience a black brew.


Long Black - double shot of espresso over hot water. Perfect for those who like to slowly sip their coffee away, perhaps whilst flicking through the newspaper. 

Long macchiato - a double espresso, a little bit of hot water, stained with steamed milk. Whilst not exactly a fully black brew, this might be the way to go if you want to ease into the black coffee drinking. 

Doppio/espresso - not for the faint hearted! Single or double espresso served straight up. Think of it as the scotch on the rocks equivalent in the coffee world. Also a little fun fact if you are lucky enough to be travelling to Europe this year... you can save some serious Euros, if you order and drink your espresso standing at the bar instead sitting at a table. #winning

Short macchiato - single espresso, stained w steamed milk. A short macchiato is like the little sister of the espresso. Perhaps you find the all black espresso a bit too in your face? Well try ordering a short mac instead; you'll be pleasantly surprised! It has the intensity of an espresso but it's a little bit more soft with the addition of the tiniest bit of milk. 

Batch brew - made in our Ratio brewer. A batch made filter drip coffee is made, using our rotating single origin. A batch brew is basically lighter version of a long black. Just quietly is might be the best thing you will ever drink. 

V60 pourover - is a hand made drip filter coffee made in a conical brewer. The pourover really highlights the flavour notes of the single origin. A pourover takes time to make, it's a fine craft & so it is best experienced while sitting in the sun watching the day pass you by. 


aka basically any of the above served over ice. Perfect for those hot Brissie days where you require a cold and refreshing pick-me-up. 

Chilled batch brew - as above but cooled down and served over ice. 
Iced long black - double espresso served over iced water. 
Iced doppio - double espresso served over iced water. 

So what are you waiting for?