Here at Black Sheep we love our coffee and the environment equally; so when we can save our planet and have our coffee too, its a bloody great day! 

Do you ever wonder what you can do with all your left over Black Sheep coffee grounds? It almost feels criminal to throw in the bin that delicious-smelling used coffee. Well instead of tossing those beans to the curb we've got THREE ways for you to reuse your old coffee grounds.

Compost Compost Compost

Whether you have an active compost bin, a thriving citrus orchid, an overgrown veggie patch or just a few herbs on your kitchen bench; plants are in fact living things. And so, just like us living things they LOVE a bit of coffee. Why not try add some of your used coffee grounds to your garden or compost. Great way to tackle #WarOnWaste and your green friends will love you for it. 

Refresh your fridge

You know that dank-spilt-milk-gross fridge smell that is so hard to get rid off? Well now you can open your fridge door and smell delicious Black Sheep coffee instead. It's as simple as putting a container of used coffee grounds inside your fridge and ‘voila’, natural coffee smelling fridge. #YouCanThanksUsLater. 

And finally, our favourite way to reuse...

Make a body coffee scrub

Get a little creative and show a bit of self-love by turning your old coffee into a lux coffee scrub! Warning this might get a little messy, but oh-so worth it. To make, simply dry out your used coffee grounds either in the sun or a low heat in the oven. It's super important to dry out old coffee so it doesn't go mouldy (mouldy scrub no thanks). Once your coffee is nice and dry you're ready to make your scrub. 

What you need

1 cup coffee grounds

1/2 cup good quality salt (murray river salt / fleur de sea / Himalayan / celtic) 

1 cup of melted coconut oil (you could also use almond or olive oil). *add more oil for a softer scrub

4-5 drops of an essential oil (we're crushing on bergamot, citrus, rose or vanilla)  

Mix all ingredients together and then store in recycled glass jars. 

Next time to take a shower give yourself a good body scrub! Perfect for exfoliating and, as an added,  you will smell divine... just like your favourite coffee brew.