Conor, can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I'm Irish, my name means "Lover of hounds" (more on that in the next question). I left home several years ago and I've been to many countries since, but the people I’ve met and the relationships I've made have brought me back and forth to Brisbane over the last three years. Now I'm here to stay… At least for the time being anyway, my feet are getting itchy.

What do you do at Black Sheep?

I am the self-appointed Puppy Relationships Manager for Black Sheep. I like to greet all our four-legged customer companions with love and scratches, silly voices and size permitted pickup hugs, sometimes ice cubes and sometimes just a curt nod when they aren't too keen on strangers with beards and a baseball cap on.

Describe what’s a typical day at Black Sheep like for you?

As previously mentioned any dog people that come in receive my full attention, other times I make coffee for the human people. More importantly, I try to learn as much as I can from the veterans of Black Sheep. I'm very new to the coffee scene and I've been exceptionally lucky to land a job in a place like Black Sheep. Honestly though, the majority of the day is spent talking to our fantastic regulars, laughing and giving abuse to the friendly neighbourhood mechanics, and trying to break Tim Morrissey's stoic veneer.


What do you love most about working at Black Sheep?

I've never worked in a place that has the amount of returning customers who show a genuine interest in the staff's lives. Having solid, wholesome conversations with people who I only know because I work in a small cafe is very rewarding for me. I've come to realise that good people attract good people, and Black Sheep is a melting pot for good people.

Go-to coffee order?

Half strength Long Black. It has half the caffeine which means you can have twice as much!

Do you have a favourite type of drink to prepare? I mean aside from my piccolo... Obviously.

A Negroni.

Is there much of a cafe culture in Ireland?

There are plenty of cafe's but good coffee has been a rarity for a long time. On my trip back home last year though I was pleased to find some great new roasteries and coffee shops.

What would we find you doing when you’re not at work?

Probably doing physio for my shoulder, taking photographs, reading books on beating procrastination/life improvement or ancient history, and also procrastinating.

Work/Life balance how do you do it all?

Ever since I moved into my new house my commute has been killer, it takes at least a minute and twenty seconds to get from my front door to the coffee machine. Really though, our boss Katie is a woman very aware and caring of your work-life balance, even when you don't realise you're running overtime. She bends over backwards to make everyone's work life be an addition to their daily life rather than the defining factor.

Earliest memory of coffee?

My partner Genevieve will be very disapproving of this but my earliest memory of coffee is skiving off school and going into the city to read a good fantasy novel or meet up with friends. Not my best life decisions but definitely memorable and enjoyable.

Proudest achievement in your life this far?

Volunteering in India for three months building schools and sanitation facilities after quitting my secure long term job.

Something your customers might not know about you? *We promise not to hold this against you.

I'm technically a Lannister. I was in several episodes of Game of Thrones in the third season. I was a guard of Tywin Lannister, also beardless and in lots of armour so you won't be able to find me!