Brazil - Rose Diamond (Espresso)

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Brazil - Rose Diamond (Espresso)


Changing weekly, our single origin coffee brings the most exquisite and refined flavour profiles from all over the world. This week's chosen single origin bean is from the coffee growing region Chapadao de Ferro, in the Patrocinio city,  Brazil.  

The Chapadao do Ferro region, is rich in volcanic soils, in combination with high altitudes, produce a cup with pronounced citrus acidity, and sweet notes of berries, raisins and chocolate. 

The Rose Diamond is  a pulped natural coffee, and a staff favourite recently during a cupping session focused on singles. It has delicate strawberry notes upfront, an orange acidity, drawing though a smooth full body caramel and vanilla finish.  Roasted as a medium espresso profile, the smooth body pushes well though milk based coffees,  whilst the berry acidic notes are producing flavoursome black espresso. 

Process: pulped natural


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Brazil - Rose Diamond (espresso) 


Chapadao de Ferro, Patrocinio



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