Central +South American -seasonal blend


Central +South American -seasonal blend


 Balanced Lemon Acidity, Nectarine, Plum, buttery finish

As a follow up to our Popular African Blend last month our roasting team has been at it again, this time concentrating on some of the best coffee producing regions, within Central and South American. Welcome, the Central South American Blend!

Consisting of four top grade coffees with a shared 25% ratio of Colombian La Esperanza, Brazil Rose Diamond, El Salvador Los Nogales , and Costa Rica Karen Mecca. This blend represents the best qualities of each of these single origins as well as the beautiful characteristics of Central & South American coffees as a whole.

This blend is clean, with a balanced citrus acidity of lemon and orange, the body is rich and full with notes of caramelised stone fruits, the finish is long and buttery. We believe this coffee is suitable across all brew methods, including espresso and milk based coffees due to its clean taste and rich body, therefore we have opted for a Omni roast (designed to play well across different brew methods) to support this flexibility.

So, no matter what the preference of your drink, we are all enjoying this coffee for the individual highlights it brings to the palate and as a quick snap shot of some of the best coffee characteristics from some of the main coffee producing regions across Central and South America.

El Salvador Los Nogales  - Natural

Brazil Rose Diamond-  Natural 

Costa Rica Karen Mecca - Fully washed 

Colombian La Esperanza- Fully washed

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Brazi,l Chapadao de Ferro, Patrocinio /El Salvador, Apaneca Ilamatepec /Costa Rica, Leon Cortes /Colombia, Trujillo, Valle del Cauca

Roast Profile

Omni roast

Tasting Notes

bright citrus acidity, rich full body of sweet stone fruits, buttery finish   

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