Ethiopia | Yirgacheffe (Filter Roast)

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Ethiopia | Yirgacheffe (Filter Roast)


Changing regularly, our single origin coffee brings the most exquisite and refined flavour profiles from all over the world. This weeks offering is from Yirgacheffe Ethiopia, Konga Keble region.

Process: Natural

Here at Black Sheep, we are all excited to have this  Ethiopian coffee arrive this week, after a unanimous desicion from our staff during a recent cupping session choosing standout single origin coffees.  Consistant to Yirgacheffe coffees these beans are delicate with tea like characteristics. This particular coffee is bursting with berry flavours, and tropical green melon notes, our staff also commenting it tastes like Allen's snake lollies.   We have chosen to roast this coffee as filter roast profile, showcasing these sweet fruity notes, and milk chocoate spice finish. . 


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Ethiopia | Yirgacheffe


Konga Keble



Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

strawberries, blueberries raspberries upfront. Medium acidity. Sweet green melon & milk chocolate carries to the finish.