Ethiopia | Qilenso -Filter roast

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Ethiopia | Qilenso -Filter roast


praline, stone-fruit, pear, elderflower, toffee and caramel

Changing regularly, our single origin coffee brings the most exquisite and refined flavour profiles from all over the world. This weeks offering is a Ethiopian Sidamo coffee from the Guji region.

Process: Washed

 We all know Ethiopian coffees and filter brews, go together like cheese and crackers and this Ethiopian is no exception.  A clean cup, with sweet characteristics,  stone-fruit acidity, and pear, elderflower, and praline notes though-out the body.  Guji coffees grow in the southern parts of Ethiopia between 1800-2200ml above sea level, most cooperatives producing both washed and unwashed coffees.

We have chosen to roast this coffee as a filter roast to best showcase its sweet, fruity characteristics.

process: fully washed


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Sidamo -Guji


fully washed 

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

clean cup with stone-fruit acidity, peach, elderflower, and toffee flavours though-out, lingering creamy caramel finish.