Kenya | Ngugi-Ini

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Kenya | Ngugi-Ini


mulled ripe berries, red apple, plum, cocoa

Changing regularly, our single origin coffee brings the most exquisite and refined flavour profiles from all over the world. This weeks offering is from Kenya, from the Kirinyaga county. From SL28, SL34, Batian, Ruiru 11 varietals, a fully washed coffee.

Here at Black Sheep, we are all excited to have this new release Kenyan coffee arrive this week, a stand out on the cupping table here at the roastery, with its classic Kenyan characteristics, powerful, complex and clean. With notes of muddled ripe berries, red apple, plum and Cocoa, it is balanced, rich and sweet.

We have chosen to roast this coffee at a filter profile, to best enjoy is natural sweetness and complex flavours.

Suggested recipe being used for V60s at the roastery: 13.5g dose, for 240ml of water. Extraction finishing around 3 minutes. 


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Kirinyaga Country, Central Kenya.



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muddled ripe berries, red apple, plum and cocoa  

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