Guatemala Rio Azul - Filter

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Guatemala Rio Azul - Filter


honey, tea rose, red wine, toffee, clove

Process: Fully Washed

Changing regularly, our single origin coffee brings the most exquisite and refined flavour profiles from all over the world. This weeks offering is from Guatemala from the Jacaltenango region. 

Here at Black Sheep Coffee we are delighted to have this stock of fresh crop Guatemalan coffee on the bench, grown in volcanic soils at altitudes as high as 2000 mts above sea level, these quality Guatemalan micro-lots are nutrient dense, which help to deliver on the juicy characteristics typical of coffees from this region. 

why we love it,

its juicy, bright and complex, with flavours of honey and tea rose. The body is super! buttery and rich, with a red wine acidity, and sweet toffee and clove finish.

Our roasting team have carefully roasted this coffee to a filter/light espresso profile, allowing you to enjoy the bright, delicate and complexcity. The buttery smoothness is very present, in every way you choose to enjoy this coffee, This roast is light enough to play well though filter methods also, but its complexity and body is producing rich juciy smooth brews.


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fully washed  

Roast Profile


Tasting Notes

honey, tea rose notes upfront, buttery body, with a red wine like acidity, sweet toffee and clove finish.