Costa Rica Tarrazu Black Honey : Espresso

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Costa Rica Tarrazu Black Honey : Espresso


Tropical fruits, floral rose-hip, orange acidity, smooth rich body, chocolate- mandarin finish.

New season Costa Rican coffees have arrived at our supplier this month and we have been lucky enough to sample many of them over the last weeks, as a result we have chosen a couple of our favourites to share with all of you!

This coffee from the Parritilla, Aserrri region stood out to us mostly for its great body. With delicate tropical fruit notes upfront and clean smooth finish we think it suits perfectly for espresso coffees. Rich enough to break though milk, bright enough for delicious black coffees.

The honey processing used for this coffee is common for many coffees produced in Costa Rica, this is where the cherries (fruit containing the coffee seeds (beans)) is washed, pulped, fermented, and dried. It is during these stages growers can alter the steps, from being a natural, (washed, pulped, then dried for almost a week, but not fermented), to fully washed (all pulp removed before fermentation) and honey processed (where they are pulped gently, then fermented with some of the milage kept on during the drying stage, which turns sticky (like honey)). The differences of these processes, depends on how much of the milage is left on. Yellow Honey Process will leave 25% of the milage in place, Red honey process will leave half. Whereas, the Black Honey process leaves almost all of the millage in place before drying for close to a week simular to natural processed coffee, therefore producing unique complex characteristics, which is showcased in this delicious coffee from the Parritilla, Aserrri region.

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Parritilla, Aserri Tarrazu 


Black Honey 

Roast Profile

light espresso 

Tasting Notes

tropical fruits, floral rosehip, orange acidity, long choclate mandarin finish.