Costa Rica-Tirra Estate :Filter

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Costa Rica-Tirra Estate :Filter


florals, raspberry acidity, smooth clean body, caramel finish

New season Costa Rican coffees have arrived at our supplier this month and we have been lucky enough to sample many of them over the last weeks, as a result we have chosen a couple of our favourites to share with all of you!

This coffee from San Marcos region in the coffee producing region Tarraazu, Costa Rica. It was unanimously voted by our staff as the best coffee on the table during cupping our new season stock. A very highly rated coffee, with exception sweet fruity floral notes, tea-like body and clean finish. We have decided to keep it for filter brewed coffees, to best appreciate this coffees delicateness. delicateness.

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San Marcos, Tarrazu 



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Tasting Notes

floral aromas, berry acidity, sweet caramels