Woolly Wonderland- Holiday Blend

woolly wonderland
woolly wonderland

Woolly Wonderland- Holiday Blend

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Stonefruit acidity, cherries, apricot, candied orange, brandy

Tis’ the season! and once again here at Black Sheep Coffee we are ready to jump into the festivities with our annual holiday blend.

Consisting of three high quality beans from Rwanda. Kenya, and Burundi, our roasting team have worked hard creating a holiday blend to celebrate the flavour and aromas of the season.

With a bright stonefruit acidity upfront of cherries and apricot, a candied orange sweetness, and warm brandy-like finish, this coffee is fruity, bold, and sweet, the perfect blend to run though your machine to pair up with your Nans homemade shortbreads. So treat yourself, or your secret Santa recipient with some Woolly Wonderland this season, while it lasts!

Roasted lighter to highlight the fruitier more delicate notes. A delicious black cup, but equally as rich and rewarding on milk based coffees.

40% Kenya-Ngugu-ini -Washed

40% Rwanda Ruli - Washed

20% Burundi Cafex- Natural

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Beans / Kenya : Gakunda - Rwanda : Ruli - Burundi: Cafex

Tasting Notes

Bright stonefruit acidity up front, cherries,

apricot, candied orange sweetness, brandy-like



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